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Because life goes on after sunset

About Our Company

Already having won a Best Achievement award for garden lighting at the 2004 Philadelphia Flower Show, Nightfall Landscape Lighting is committed to the highest standards of quality in both equipment and workmanship. With more than 30 years combined experience in landscape lighting design and installation, our staff of certified technicians will install your job in a professional and efficient manner, with great care taken to protect existing plantings, walkways and landscape areas. Our fixtures and marine-grade wires are ‘state-of-the-industry’ in terms of quality, strength and energy efficiency, and all underground connections are soldered for maximum durability. All work is guaranteed and annual maintenance contracts are available.

A custom-designed Nightfall lighting system will do for you at night what your landscaping does during the day – make your home a more attractive and enjoyable place. Let our professional designers show you how your property can benefit from one of the hottest trends in landscape design today. We guarantee, you’ll come to see your property in a whole new light!

Because life goes on after sunset.

What We Offer

You’ll only get the best for your home when you choose us. By using the best low voltage landscape lighting products on the market, we guarantee you’ll have reliable systems that will last and light up your yard. Our team specializes in installing outdoor lighting systems of all types to best fit your property. Outdoor lighting doesn’t just highlight the beauty of your landscaping, but it also makes accessing your home safer.

Pathway Lights

Lighting up the path to your home can make it much safer and easier to access your home.

Up & Accent Lights

Get a professional, streamlined, and subtle look with your outdoor lights.

Deck & Masonry Lighting

We install outdoor lighting without sacrificing the beauty of existing features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is low voltage lighting suddenly so popular?

In recent years, manufacturers have made tremendous improvements in the quality and longevity of transformers, which are basically the heart of the low-voltage system. At the same time, the range of fixtures available is greater than ever. Various finishes are available on the fixtures as well; in many cases the lights can match other items around the home such as mailboxes or urns. And like any trend, the popularity is spreading by imitation. If it looks great at the neighbor’s house, chances are, it will look just as good on your property. Today, many homeowners are learning about the advantages of low-voltage lighting over traditional outdoor spotlighting, so they are starting to ask for it by name.

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If you’re ready to transform your landscape, give us a call and we can make all of your dreams come true. We can typically come out to your property within a day, and give you a written estimate on the spot!

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