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Frequently asked questions

Why is low voltage lighting suddenly so popular?

In recent years, manufacturers have made tremendous improvements in the quality and longevity of transformers, which are basically the heart of the low-voltage system. At the same time, the range of fixtures available is greater than ever. Various finishes are available on the fixtures as well; in many cases the lights can match other items around the home such as mailboxes or urns. And like any trend, the popularity is spreading by imitation. If it looks great at the neighbor’s house, chances are, it will look just as good on your property. Today, many homeowners are learning about the advantages of low-voltage lighting over traditional outdoor spotlighting, so they are starting to ask for it by name.

What's wrong with traditional outdoor spotlights?
In a word, glare. Think about how it looks indoors, when you have a lamp without a shade. Parts of the room have glare; other spaces are in dark shadows. That same bulb under a lampshade, however, will produce a more attractive, usable light, as well as create a mood for the environment. It’s a similar principle outdoors. A traditional spotlight might do a great job of lighting up the front porch, but leave the walkway in shadows or complete darkness. A sudden change from bright light to darkness also impairs visibility. With low voltage landscape lighting, fixtures are installed to provide a subtle, even light. And most people will agree, the light given off a low-voltage fixture is simply more attractive than a spotlight.
How long does it take to install low voltage lighting?

Once the design and the fixtures are chosen, a typical low voltage landscape lighting installation can be completed in one day. Certain circumstances, such as when it is necessary to run wires under driveways or concrete surfaces, may prolong the installation. Disruption to the property is minimal.

Can I see how low voltage lighting will look on my property before I commit to the installation?
A reputable low voltage landscape lighting designer or installer should have a sample kit available. In most cases, they will be willing to set up a night-time demo on your property to give you an idea how it will look. Keep in mind, however, that demo kits usually only include the basic fixtures; your final design may require more effects.
Can I do it myself?
Low voltage landscape lighting is a specialized field. It takes a trained eye, hands-on experience, and a thorough understanding of voltage drop in order to install a system properly. Many do-it-yourselfers attempt to light their properties with solar lighting kits, only to be disappointed in the quality of the fixtures and the effectiveness of the light itself. Solar lighting kits installed by the do-it-yourselfer usually end up being replaced by professional low voltage systems.
Can I afford low voltage landscape lighting?

This is America. Of course you can. Seriously, you need to ask yourself what you’ve invested in the landscape, and whether it’s worthwhile to extend the amount of time you (and others) can use and enjoy that landscape. If you’ve invested in a breathtaking blossoming specimen tree, for example, landscape lighting enables the nighttime enjoyment of its beauty and color. A fabulous deck, properly lit, often will be used more often in the evening than during the day. If you take pride in your home, and enjoy being outdoors, landscape lighting is an excellent investment.

How long can I expect my system to last?
Ideally, forever. Today’s fixtures and transformers are more durable than ever, and bulbs typically provide about 3000 hours of illumination. Many professional-grade fixtures have a lifetime warranty. However, it is advisable to sign up for a maintenance contract to ensure optimal performance with your low voltage landscape lighting system. As plantings, trees and shrubs mature and change, lights will need to be adjusted. And, fixtures should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis.
When can I get an estimate?
Give us a call today, at 215-836-1210. Nightfall Landscape Lighting serves clients in the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties, including Bucks and Delaware counties. We can usually come out to your property within a day of your call, and give you a written estimate on the spot.